Rezan Sheikh Dler

General Secretary

Lawyer and former parliamentarian, served as a Member of the Iraqi Parliament for two terms (third and fourth terms) from 2014 to 2018 and from 2018 to 2021. Rezan Dler Mustafa was a member and rapporteur of the women’s committee for the third session and a member of the Women’s Committee for the fourth session, as well as the Communications Committee.

During my tenure, I diligently worked on legislation, including a draft law on protection from domestic violence and amendments to the Penal Code to address discriminatory clauses against women. Additionally, within the 2021 budget, we successfully advocated for a specific article regarding gender-responsive budgeting, namely Article 28, paragraph 6.


* Master’s degree in international law, with a thesis titled “International Efforts to Preserve Women’s Right to Political Participation.”

* Bachelor’s degree in sociology.

* Bachelor’s degree in law.

Before and during my parliamentary career, I was involved in civil society organizations, serving as the coordinator of the Women in Politics Forum in the region and as a member of the Kurdistan Women’s Alliance. I am a member and one of the organizers of the campaign ‘My Name is My Mother’s Name’ in 2018, and I have been involved in initiatives addressing issues such as combating human trafficking and child marriage, as evidenced by my participation in forums in 2018 and with the Women’s Alliance in 2022. Additionally, I participated in an antihuman trafficking campaign in 2008.