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During the past decade, the Arab region witnessed many uprisings and revolutions against regimes, and the demands of the civil movements at that time were linked to the establishment of democracy, social justice, and the rights for all citizens. Multiple internal, regional and international factors played a major role in paving the way for democratic transition in the region, yet this transition was obstructed, resulting in many wars and an increase in societal violence, which has negatively affected the conditions of women, ethnic, religious and gender minorities, and people with disabilities. The rates of violence against women and minorities have increased taking the form of targeting based on gender, also the rates of sexual violence and rape have increased, as well as violence within the family.

Women’s participation in the political sphere and public positions in our region is considered one of the lowest rates for women in the world. Despite the introduction of imperfect forms of positive discrimination by non-democratic regimes, there has been an incomplete participation of women within public field and the political sphere. With the change occurring over the past decade, women, their issues, and their participation were still not priorities for most civil movements. Women thus fought multiple battles to have their rights declared at the level of constitutions and legislations regarding political participation and protection against violence.

These considerations imposed new roles on civil society, human rights organizations, and feminist movements in seeking to promote and empower women’s political and societal rights, as women’s participation in decision-making processes at the national levels is still very limited, despite everything that the countries of the region are witnessing. Accordingly, the idea of creating a regional space for political women in the Arab region came in 2015 and it was established as the “Caucus of Women in Politics in the Arab Region (CWPAR),” which has been working in the region over the past years. The Caucus has been recently launched in September 2023 as a full independent organization with its independent bodies and structure, and its new identity.

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  • Supporting democracy, political dialogue, and peace building.
  • Integrating women and their issues into public policies, political processes, and mechanisms.
  • Legal and constitutional reform to enhance women’s political participation and representation.
  • Capacity development and exchange of experiences.
  • Feminist advocacy and solidarity.

Who We Are

The Caucus of Women in Politics in the Arab Region is a feminist gathering of actors within the public field; political, party, union, parliamentary and civil spheres, aiming for solidarity, exchange and transfer of experiences on political issues.


Promoting justice, citizenship, and equality in the political space in the Arab region in order to represent women and their issues in decision-making positions and the public sphere.


Towards democratic societies where women have equal opportunities to fully exercise their political rights.

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