CWPAR Engages With Politicians in Lebanon to Adopt Collective Feminist Agenda

18 May 2022

Women in Lebanon witnessed several challenges in the previous year on different levels. They face political, economic, and social pressures exacerbated by the deterioration of the financial situation and the worsening of the political scene. The past two years were harsher on women living in Lebanon. Since October 2019 and the beginning of the revolution, they have been on the frontline of the revolution. They took the streets and were the key speaker for the revolution demands, highlighting the citation for women and men citizens and society and a voice of the repercussions and pain of the port explosion victims.

Despite that, the recent period witnessed a sharp decrease in women’s representation in the public sphere, whether in women’s representation within the current government or on the level of the current electoral lists’ formation. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Beirut explosion, the Caucus for women in politics in the MENA Region took the initiative to engage with the politicians in Lebanon to adopt collective feminist agenda for Lebanon.

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